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Commit cc9f0b9e authored by Marc Daniel Keilmann's avatar Marc Daniel Keilmann
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parent 6c0841bc
......@@ -58,8 +58,8 @@ function EsoToDataModel(data, element) {
dto.filepath = element.result["reports"][i]["path"];
dto.metricsObject.complexity_metric = EsoComplexMetrics["cyclomatic"];
dto.metricsObject.linesOfCode_metric = EsoComplexMetrics["sloc"]["logical"];
dto.metricsObject.numerOfMethods_metric = EsoComplexMetrics["params"];;
dto.metricsObject.linesOfCode_metric = EsoComplexMetrics["sloc"]["physical"];
dto.metricsObject.numerOfMethods_metric = element.result.reports[i]["loc"];;
dto.metricsObject.functionCount_metric += 0;
dto.metricsObject.numberOfVariables_metric = 0;
logger.info("Finished adding Metric parameters to DataModel");
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